Arctic Lakeland Igloos Vuokatti is more than just a bed and a pillow. Let the sky be your blanket!

See the nightless night of Finnish summer, where it never gets dark or the darkest winter night where the only light is stars, and if you’re lucky, northern lights!

Our igloos represent the combination of modern glass work and the aesthetic of Finnish nature. The igloos are masterpieces of Finnish design and handwork where the beautiful landscape is the main inspiration, and the furnishings are a tribute to the excellent Finnish quality.

Perfect your experience with a moment of relaxation in the outdoor hot tub! The hot tub is located right outside your igloo and is ready to be used instantly without extra effort. You can also feel a pure, traditional Finnish experience by booking the sauna. The sauna is heated up traditionally with wood and is in the same area as the igloos, on the shore of lake Sapsojärvi. The breakfast service can be booked beforehand, so that you can enjoy a nutritious breakfast effortlessly in your igloo.

Three unique igloos along with four different seasons, ensure the experience is different every time.