Join us for a truly unforgettable winter adventure! Our energetic and friendly huskies are waiting for your visit all year round.

Husky safaris start in winter, when the snow covers the ground. Safari is an ideally suitable activity for all ages. You can drive your own sleigh or let the professional instructor manage the dogs. In two-seat sleigh even the children can have fun driving the dogs, as the second driver will guide the leading dog and have access to brakes to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The first rides set off with the first snow, being just a few laps until the ground is covered with enough snow, and then being extended to 6 km route. In winter one of the most popular rides is to chase the Northern Lights.

There are around 100 friendly huskies waiting to meet you. In spring-summer-autumn, you can enjoy a husky ride in a special cart – Husky Mercedes!

Visiting Husky Arena is also one of the all time favorites of our customers in the summertime. In autumn, you’ll get energized on our fun husky trekking adventure while enjoying nature’s autumn colors. In Vuokatti it is also possible to bring winter magic in the middle of the summer – try dog sledding and other winter fun in Vuokatti’s unique Ski Tunnel!

Safari packages

Each participant gets a specially-designed overall, hat, gloves and a warm seat cover. Before the tour the experienced instructor will give the general guidelines to the group.