Family holiday at Vuokatti Sport

Vuokatti offers fun and challenging activities for the whole family all year round. The variety of activity places and types completes the package. Most of the families come to Vuokatti during school break, and at that time Vuokatti Sport offers fun activity programmes for the whole family, which are entertaining and amusing for guests of any age.

In Vuokatti Sport children and teens will have their own activity programmes that will keep the youngsters busy all day long. For example, there is a playground park for children and many various games and toys for their entertainment.

Vuokatti Sport is a place where a family can relax together and spend a good time. Vuokatti Sport Resort and its surroundings offer a number of various activities to any taste, such as golf, skiing, Spa treatments, canoe or snowmobile safaris and much more. These versatile programmes make sure you can practice your favourite hobbies or try out something new and exciting.