Car racing

Try driving a race car down the Vuokatti slopes when all that limits you is gravity. The lift on the Western slope takes the driver with the car up to the beginning of the asphalted track, where the journey to the lower station will start. This activity suits everybody who can drive and will be a perfect choice for group events and parties, or corporate days-out.

To drive the track you need to be at least 150 cm high. Next to the main track there is a junior track for the younger drivers. Cars on the junior track are carried up and go down separately, safely and at a convenient for a little driver speed.

Racing track is open 15.6.-11.8.2019

MCC-mountain carting opening hours and prices

MCC mountain carting open
15.6.-11.8.2019 daily 11-18

The driver has to be min 150 cm tall.

4 laps / person 18 €
10 laps / person 35 €
Car for juniors 3 €

Groups and happenings can affect the opening hours.

MCC / Kattikeskus
Ilkantie 8
88610 Vuokatti
+358 8 619 410

Racing track is open from 16.6.-12.8.-18