Two village churches

The Lutheran church of Sotkamo represents the style of later Renaissance with neo-gothic details. The wooden church was designed by Oldenburg. It was built in 1860s, during the time of Great Famine and opened its doors in 1870. The altar piece, representing the Resurrection of Christ, was painted by Severi Falkman.

The Sotkamo Orthodox Church is situated at the cemetery near Rauhantie. The church of The Protection of the Mother of God was built in 1961, upon the project of Teuvo Alapeuso. The building became a church in 1986.

The Fifth Church

The Sotkamo Parish church is the fifth church in the history of the region, and also the biggest one in Kainuu region. The church can accommodate about 2 300 people, with removable wall and organ giving space for 1 400.