GoVuokatti, Holiday Club KatinkultaFrisbee golf

In Vuokatti there are two Frisbee golf courses with 3 pars each. Finland’s multiple Frisbee golf Champion Jussi Meresmaa has designed Vuokatti DiscGolfPark with nine targets.

Holiday Club KatinkultaGolf

In Katinkulta golf season opens in April-May. Midnight sun allows to stay up on the course till early morning. The last game of the season is usually played in October.

Vuokatti Sports InstituteSkiing Tunnel

Ski Tunnel is Vuokatti’s crazy innovation, which, however, gained recognition all around the world. Vuokatti Sports Institute uses it nowadays as one of the training venues. High-standard conditions inside the tunnel allow skiing all year round.

All-year round tracks

Vuokatti XC skiing track opens annually on 10.10. at 10:00. The track is at first covered with the snow stored throughout the summer. Natural snow comes in November-December, and the season continues until April.

Vuokatti SafarisHusky Safaris

Husky safaris start in winter, when the snow covers the ground. Safari is an ideally suitable activity for all ages. You can drive your own sleigh or let the professional instructor manage the dogs.

GoVuokattiFishing in Vuokatti

Good fishing spots, such as Nuasjärvi lake, can be easily reached from Vuokatti.

Horseback riding

Active and calm Icelandic horses will be happy to take you for a ride. All the horses of Kainuun Vaellustalli are born and raised in the stable, so they are completely tame. They all have basic training and feel perfectly comfortable in nature.

Fishing trips

Vuokatti Safaris organises unforgettable trolling boat trips in pure lake waters. Experienced instructors will help you to learn the basics of trolling and catch your first fish, using top trolling equipment.

Holiday Club KatinkultaBowling, Katinkulta

What can be better than a fun evening of bowling competition with family and friends? The best way to enjoy the ending of your perfect day in Vuokatti is to gather together for a family bowling.

Vuokatti BowlingBowling - Vuokatti Bowling

The best way to end your perfect day in Vuokatti, is get together with your family and friends and challenge each other to a fun bowling competition, where the winner can be the oldest, or the youngest player – you never know until you try.

Vuokatti SafarisSnowmobile safaris to nature

Vuokatti region has about 250 km of snowmobile routes. When renting a snowmobile, you will get hints on least fuel-consuming routes as well as all necessary clothing and guiding. Snowmobile owners need to get the permission to use the routes in the region

Holiday Club KatinkultaSpa

High-quality, stylish and versatile Katinkulta Spa offers a holiday of relaxation to the whole family all year round. In Spa water park there are more than 20 different pools, bubble baths, hot tubes, massage showers and slides for children.

Kite school LappisKite skiing and surfing

Kite skiing and kite surfing are among the fastest-developing sports in the world. Once you try it, it’ll definitely become your new hobby.

Skating, Vuokatti Ice Arena

Vuokatti Ice Arena is open for skaters and hockey players all year round. To check when Ice Arena is available for public access, you can use Ice Arena calendar.

GoVuokatti, Vuokatti Slopes, Vuokatti SafarisSnowshoe rentals

In Vuokatti snowshoes are available for rent.

Vuokatti SafarisSnowshoe trekking

Depending on your wishes and abilities, a snowshoe walk can be a relaxing activity allowing you to admire winter scenery, or a challenging workout that will raise your pulse.

Vuokatti SlopesSnowboarding Tunnel

The 80m long Snowboarding Tunnel and 20 m. wide halfpipe are used by the athletes of Vuokatti Sports Academy for trainings.

Hotel Vuokatti & SuitesMinigolf

Minigolf is a perfect family game or a relaxed sport activity for you and your friends. Like in traditional golf, in minigolf you aim at getting the ball into the hole in least number of hits

Vuokatti SlopesDownhill car racing

Try driving a race car down the Vuokatti slopes when all that limits you is gravity. The lift on the Western slope takes the driver with the car up to the beginning of the asphalted track, where the journey to the lower station will start.


For mountain cycling Vuokatti provides a network of various tracks going up and down the hills.

Trekking and hiking

Vuokatti trails invite you to enjoy the fresh air and picturesque nature. The network of routes includes various walking paths and hiking trails.

Speed skating

IceWay skating track is in operation during winter. Two-way track is 1,5-3 km long and runs along Katinkulta and Vuokatinmaa shores, free for public use.

GoVuokattiRoller skating in Vuokatti

Asphalted pavements and roller-skiing tracks, as well as Vuokatti Rising track are ideally suitable for roller-skating.

GoVuokatti, Vuokatti Action, Vuokatti SafarisAdventure safaris

Come and join our adventure safaris that will take you to Vuokatti forests, lakes and rivers.

The Indoor activity park SuperPark

The Indoor activity park SuperPark offers games, toys and adventure theme zones.

Watersports Complex in VuokattiSup Paddling, SUP Joga, Sup River tours

Stand Up Paddle boarding is easy and calm way to enjoy our nice little lake. We will teach you the basics. Also if you want you can rent a Board and take it somewhere else, like Hiukka or Katinkulta.

Holiday Club KatinkultaSwimming pools

Vuokatti Hall  has 25-meter swimming pool with 5 lanes and Holiday Club Katinkulta also has a 25-meter swimming pool.

Holiday Club KatinkultaSwimming pools

The first place to go if you want to have a swim is Vuokatti Hall, which has 25-meter swimming pool with 5 lanes. In Holiday Club Katinkulta also has a 25-meter swimming pool for swimmers.

Hiukka beach

In hot summer days nothing can be better than dive into water on one of Vuokatti beaches. The best one is in Sotkamo central area - Hiukka beach.

Vuokatti Hills

The landscape of Sotkamo and Vuokatti is mainly formed by the chain of 13 hills. From the top of the hills you can enjoy a wonderful view to the land of lakes, which reflects the most beautiful things of Finnish nature.

Holiday Club KatinkultaHarmony Spa & Sauna World

Harmony Spa in Holiday Club Katinkullta ia a paradise of pampering and treatments. Top your stay at Katinkulta with little indulges, such as a massage, a body or a face treatment, and many other things.

Hyvän Olon PuotiPampering time

Hyvän Olon Puoti offers various high-quality beaty and wellness products with convenient working hours, in the heart of Vuokatti.

Ball games

Enjoy various ball games, such as floorball, tennis, squash and badminton, basketball and volleyball, with your friends in Vuokatti Sports Institute and Katinkulta regardless of the weather.

Fitness and gyms

Group sport activities inspire participants and encourage for new achievements. In Katinkulta and Vuokatti Sports Institute you can participate in weekly sport and fitness group activities, choosing the one according to your mood and abilities, from various range of options, such as LesMills course, stretching, indoor cycling, Zumba, dancing and many others.


The first place to go if you want to have a swim is Vuokatti Hall, which has 25-meter swimming pool with 5 lanes.


Two village churches and the Fifth Church.


Everything for theatre-lovers is just in 30 minutes of driving from Vuokatti. The City Theatre of Kajaani is the only professional theatre in Kainuu province.


The history of Sotkamo region is told in the exposition of the Old Warehouse Museum, which presents the development of the region from pre-historian times to present days. The museum was opened in 1951 and has about 800 objects.

Naapurinvaaran HuvikeskusDancing activities

Naapurinvaaran Huvikeskus organises dancing activities from March to November. In Finland’s biggest dancing area everyone enjoys the rhythm.

Vuokatti BowlingRent a bike

You can rent a usual bike also at your accommodation place, and mountain bikes are available at GoVuokatti.

Sotkamo Baseball Stadium

Local Sotkamo baseball team Jymy has won 17 gold medals in national championships. The success of Sotkamo baseball team is really impressive: Jymy was left without national championships medals last time in 1999.

Veikko Huovinen

Travellers coming to Sotkamo by car are greeted by the statue designed by Nina Terno and dedicated to one of the most famos Finnish novelists, professor Veikko Huovinen (1927–2009).

Vuokatti Sports InstituteFamily holiday at Vuokatti Sports Institute

Vuokatti offers fun and challenging activities for the whole family all year round. The variety of activity places and types completes the package. Most of the families come to Vuokatti during school break, and at that time Sports Institute offers fun activity programmes for the whole family, which are entertaining and amusing for guests of any age.

Vuokatti Sports InstituteSports Institute camps

Vuokatti Sports Insitute annually organises summer camps for kids and teens. Having all services in close proximity it’s easy to organize a summer camp in Sports Institute.

Vuokatti Sports InstituteWellbeing holiday in Vuokatti Sports Institute

Vuokatti Sports Instuitute offers nature-based sport activities, for health and work wellbeing. The package of services can be tailored according to you needs, so that it can be a busy sports day, or regular sessions during the whole year.

Watersports Complex in VuokattiVuokatti Wakepark

Vuokatti Wakepark has 280 meter long 2.0 system cable. There is always only one customer at the track.