Activities and equipment

Equal opportunities

esteettömät aktiviteetit, kuvassa soveltavaa alppihiihtoa, lapsi istuu lasketteluun suunnitelussa kelkassa ohjaajan lasketellessa alas rinnettä


Paralympic Committee’s adaptive sports equipment rental

The Paralympic Committee’s adaptive sports equipment rental rents out various exercise equipment in Vuokatti.

The equipment can be rented by:

  1. Calling to Vuokatti Sport’s sales service +358 (0)8 619 1500 or sending an e-mail to ,
  2. sending an e-mail to , or calling +358 (0) 45 677 0516.

The Vuokatti unit’s rental equipment includes:

  • a mountain tandem bicycle (Duratec)
  • a mountain recumbent bicycle (Hase Kettwiesel)
  • an electric mountain handcycle
  • a mountain wheelchair

Vuokatti Sport/Vuokatti Sport Academy is responsible for the operation of the Vuokatti unit.


Slopes for all levels!

Downhill skiing and snowboarding are fun and fast-paced hobbies that are suitable for everyone. People with disabilities can also experience the thrill of speed with the help of various adaptive equipment.

Vuokatti slopes offer Finland’s widest range of adaptive alpine skiing equipment and instruction. Adaptive alpine skiing allows for descending the slope on skis or in a ski sled. Depending on the disability, our professional instructors will choose the most suitable way for the skier to come down the slope, taking into account their wishes and skill level.